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Wellbeing in the Workplace

coaching for everyone

Our coaching programme is ideally for organisations who have an organic and emergent approach to coaching.  

You will be a forward thinking, informed and inclusive workplace who understand higher employee engagement means less attrition, more productivity and high performance. 

You will be focused on prevention in the mental health space and understand the worth of investing in your FANTASTIC PEOPLE.

There may be a belief that it is not just what you do but how you do it that enables people and organisations to perform.  The desire to grow the organisation is embedded in a parallel commitment to grow the people in the organisation.

Our coaching goes beyond wellbeing and resilience, and by beyond, we mean performance, succession planning, goal setting, positive change, team dynamics, paternity leave, restructuring, new starters, promotion, ill health, gender equality, personal lives, professional lives, and attracting great people.

This is because what we do provides the foundations to grow everything else.  It is the healthiest approach to building a team of accomplished, productive and happy people.

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Becky is full of warmth and curiosity and has been described as a warrior, with strength and purpose, whilst remaining humble and aware.   Her mission is for every company to understand the importance of mental wellbeing and how 121 external coaching can truly impact the productivity of a workforce. 


Having spent 22 successful years within varied environments from small privately-owned businesses, blue-chip organisations, dragon led, venture capitalist funded firm and tier 1 network providers Becky identified that her real passion was people.   


Her varied roles saw her commercially responsible for multi-million pound accounts and she states the root of her success was always about simply understanding people.  Treating people equally and having a real interest in the psychology of not only how to do her best, but also how to get the best from her colleagues and clients. 


The ethos behind FANTASTIC PEOPLE is when mental wellbeing is truly on the agenda of organisations, through real individual investment in each of their people, they are contributing to stopping the epidemic of prolonged mental health issues.

Becky is working hard to educate organisations about how brilliant mental wellbeing has a huge impact on the strategy and objectives of both for-profit and not for profit organisations.

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