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about our business

At Fantastic People, we understand that change is not always easy.  We help companies of all sizes respond to the wellbeing and resilience needs of each and every one of their employees. 

Our years of experience have taught us in order to grow your organisation, remain competitive and profitable, you must invest in your people.  If you prioritise individuals success, you will guarantee your business success.  

​FANTASTIC PEOPLE fosters an approach of collaboration and innovation to ensure we understand the core needs of our clients and their overall organisational objectives and strategy. 

​​Your employees are likely to be your most vital asset.  Investing in coaching has a halo effect where as a result of coaching your employees feel far more supportive of you, their employer, and their colleagues.  They understand you are truly investing in them - they are, and now feel like FANTASTIC PEOPLE.



Our approach is nondirective meaning the quality of the coaching relationship often does the work as much as the coaching programme. Our coaches integrate theory, experience and skills to share the coaching journey of discovery, enlightenment, challenge, awareness and accomplishment.

It is our belief the coach must be EXTERNAL to create the relationship required to achieve the best outcome.

Coaching is a great option for EVERYONE, no matter of their position within an organisation.  We are all human, we are all fantastic so why allocate coaching budgets for those already at the top of their tree.

We use a variety of highly respected techniques that support and enhance the relationship between coach and coachee.  

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