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Imagine each of your people showing up and saying I am really MOTIVATED and clear about my personal and PROFESSIONAL GOALS.   

I surface my own ideas and EVALUATE why I do what I do that in turn creates my purpose and focus. I know how to talk about BARRIERS and situations that prevent me from showing up as the best version of myself and if I have worries or FEARS, instead of letting them fester, I have a confidential environment that gives me SPACE as well as understanding.

My time spent on myself gives me great PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS and RESILIENCE which supports my ability to handle CHANGE either planned or unplanned. I easily know how to develop NEW IDEAS or approaches and then take CONSTRUCTIVE ACTION THAT GET’S RESULTS.  

What has really impressed me is Becky's ability to create a safe, kind and thought-provoking space in a matter of seconds.

Becky’s background in counselling, profound understanding of human well-being as well as her genuine coaching practice makes her a true professional in the coaching industry.

During our coaching sessions, I have not only laughed a lot but also have faced some tough questions for myself, and afterwards, I have come out with more confidence and a way forward. I can wholeheartedly recommend Becky as a coach.

Dr Eerika Hedman-Phillips

Becky met me where I was - in need of an injection of mojo, focus and vision… and empowered me to move forward in all those areas with renewed energy, joy and positive results.
Her coaching style is warm, friendly and insightful - backed up by the assurance of her extensive experience and expertise. Becky gave me space to explore possibilities, to build on past successes and provided practical tools and tips to keep me on track which continue to impact my productivity every day.
We uncovered dreams I hadn’t realised were hiding and a fresh clarity for how to bring them to life. Becky’s whole-person approach to coaching has helped with shifts in my overall wellbeing as well as in work.
Coaching with Becky has helped me move from ‘meh’ mode to growth mode and I’m so grateful.

Joanne Bonnett

The depth of the work with Becky surprised me and the result was I experienced a conscious shift in my outlook, confidence in my decision making and increased awareness of how to work towards my personal goals. I feel rebalanced and now have increased knowledge and empowerment which I will apply to all aspects of my life, not just my original goals. Coaching gave me back my self-belief to make changes and decisions with confidence.

Hannah Englefield

Becky has coached me several times and each time what has struck me is her ability to create a safe place in which to explore challenging topics and to help me think through issues, the options available and develop solutions. 

With her solid background and training, as well as a grounded approach she is well qualified to provide coaching support across a variety of situations.

Justin Balzagette

Before the coaching process began I imagined that our sessions would be focused on my fear of learning to drive. Although I gained confidence around this issue there was so much more to explore and discover about myself.

The values exercise and discussion particularly stands out. Obtaining better awareness of what actually matters most to me and recognising unhappiness when those values are not met was simple but easy to lose sight of. It centred me once more.

Previously I had undertaken a lot of therapy but this was even more beneficial in that it was positive, progressive and solution-based. For others in the future, I would highly recommend working with Becky, she was professional but really friendly, authentic and caring.

Client A

Becky has a great skill for getting to the root of the issue and exploring it further through great techniques.  I very much valued the feedback she gave and the challenge I received to be held accountable for myself!  Thank you so much Becky, carry on with your amazing work in the world.

Faith Tindell

Being coached by Becky was a positive, enlightening and rewarding experience. Becky has a warmth and openness that allows you to build a rapport even over Zoom, and is an excellent listener.

Her searching and often challenging questions led to many light-bulb moments and very helpful realisations about my thought patterns and habits.

Over the course of the coaching, I gained clarity, focus, confidence in my decision-making, and a new perspective on my abilities and choices

Hannah Race

I have been able to gain perspective, re-focus on my strengths and achievements and re-visit my core values and beliefs, professionally and personally.  Once my focus had been re-aligned, we worked on the identification of new goals creating a clearer vision and strategy of how this was going to be implemented and achieved.  My self-confidence and self-belief have been restored and I am now on a clear path to further build and develop my business.

Verity Wright

Worked on ways to free up my mental load so I can focus on me a bit more rather than just surviving the current pandemic.  The sessions were thought provoking and emotional and I felt I learnt a lot about myself.

Carla Read

I connected with Becky after a tough couple of months of lockdown. With the kids returning to school, I was looking for some support for me, an investment in me to help make sense of what changes I could now put in place, now that I could look to the future.  

In our first meeting, Becky received a download from me and very quickly she was able to cut through to the 4-5 key themes of focus, and on sharing them back with me, I quickly realised that Becky would be a great coach for our forthcoming sessions.

Being able to talk about what had happened and, how it connected with my 4 key themes and then talking them through with Becky was how I was able to gain the most value.  

As a true coach, don't expect Becky to tell you the answers either.  My greatest "a-ha" moments came from me working out the answers themselves.  And there were many of those moments.  What seems like a simple question from Becky, resulted in me thinking differently, working it through and then realising the change that I now need to lead, often with profound moments of clarity.

Weeks on from our coaching, I have noticed a number of key changes.  More confidence in my ability to manage some of the challenges at work.  Improved clarity on how my closest friends see me and the contribution I make, a stronger determination to reach my goal in Easter'21 and finally, a deeper enjoyment and connection to what drives my purpose.

Victoria Parker

A few weeks into the lockdown I realised I needed help to navigate me through some work and personal challenges. Becky created a safe environment where I could be honest, without feeling judged, and I could trust her to gently challenge my perspectives.

She has a direct, but warm, approach and guided me to some clarity and also equipped me with practical tools I can use when faced with difficult situations. It is a journey, but Becky helped me to get direction when I was feeling lost and I’m grateful for that.

Salome Van Eden

I want to thank Becky for the incredible impact her coaching has had on me both personally and professionally.

When I came to Becky somewhat stuck in a career ‘rut’, she instantly created a safe environment where we could explore the issues at hand and listen as I talked through my experiences. I was impressed with how quickly we got to the source of the issues and then moved into methods and actions to overcome them.

A theme throughout our time together was Becky helping me see the positives of situations; a mindset shift that is already making a real difference to me.

Becky’s warmth, positivity and experience, coupled with how much she cares is a perfect mix for a coach and makes her a pleasure to work with

Simon Waters

Having never had any personal coaching, I was unclear how beneficial it would be for me, given that I didn't have a particular problem or issue to discuss or resolve. However, I was amazed that by going through the coaching process, I was given the opportunity to think about and challenge myself in ways that I found incredibly beneficial.

Becky was easy to talk to, and has a lovely warm but professional manner. I would highly recommend her.

Kat O'Driscoll

Becky is a very positive, listening and thoughtful coach. I made tremendous progress on my objectives during my sessions with her. She asked excellent questions and offered a series of frameworks which were useful; I am sure I will refer to these again. More than anything, Becky was responsive to the specifics of my situation each time, which meant that I could always move forward. I highly recommend Becky as a coach

Louise Cooper

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