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Fantastic People

Getting your people to show up with passion, enthusiasm and excitement every day.

Unlocking the potential of your business by building a truly productive and resilient workforce. 

how we help

Our philosophy at FANTASTIC PEOPLE is every person is competent and capable, after all, that's why you recruited them.   We also know that each of your people is fantastic but that from time to time personal, health or work factors can, and will, impact each of your employees.  You've invested in Fantastic People, our question is what are you doing to ensure they continue to be fantastic?

The link between mental wellbeing and productivity is well documented and we deliver brilliant 121 coaching to ensure every one of your people stays fantastic every single day.  



6 coaching sessions delivered over 3 months either remotely or in person, designed to build trust and relationships that result in tackling past, current and future matters head on. 

Confidential space to truly understand what holds the coachee back and what drives them forward. ​

Coaching tools shared pre and post sessions providing a framework for self-discovery and longevity of learning.

Bespoke personal guidelines for continued learning and development.

Space to think and accelerated learning around distinct and personalised topics.

Clear pricing combined with flexible frameworks and processes mean we are easy to work with.  


Greater confidence, self-belief and self-esteem which results in true productivity linking to increased revenue and improved customer service.

Ability to build and maintain good relationships with others which results in personal effectiveness and focused effort on priorities.

Knowledge of self / self-awareness which results in increased resilience, resourcefulness and ability to handle change.

Authentic motivation that results in greater personal engagement which results in less attrition.

Greater sense of direction and focus which means clarity on future plans.

Investment in your Fantastic People will result in healthier and more engaged teams that are loyal and motivated to do their best work.

Pure coaching gets right to the core of what makes someone tick, it gives them the fundamental understanding of what happens when you live from a place of wisdom and courage rather than fear and doubt.

The results are increased productivity, improved performance, better customer service, less attrition and increased revenue and profitability.

Right now, the recurring topic from our clients is the sense of isolation and hopelessness is having a direct impact on self confidence.  And when self confidence dips, so does productivity, performance and internal and external relationships.

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81% of employees struggling with their mental wellbeing report that they always or usually come into the office.  This is almost 14 times as many as those who say they always or usually take time off.  This is know as presenteeism and is a real threat because even though these employees are showing up, they are not able to work to their optimum productivity.

Research shows proactive mental wellbeing interventions, including coaching, provide an average return of 5:1.


Poor mental health costs the UK economy £45bn per year

£6.8bn is absence cost

£26.6bn to £29.3bn is presenteeism cost

£8.6bn is staff turnover cost

It is projected that as a percentage of the total number of instances of poor health at work, mental health problems will soon surpass other work-related illnesses such as musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory diseases, cancer, skin issues, and hearing damage.

Highest annual cost of mental health per employee are in the finance, insurance and real estate industries at approximately £3,300.  On average public sector costs per employee are slightly higher than private sector costs.  
Only 49% of employees feel comfortable talking about mental health to their line managers.

Focus on the whole person, not just the employee.  Mental wellbeing will always fluctuate between thriving to struggling. Significant cost is associated with employees who are not thriving.  Coaching enables an employee to go from struggling to thriving.   Not once, but time and time again.

ROI analysis shows a complex but positive case for employers to invest in the mental wellbeing of their employees, and there is large spread potential of up to nearly 11:1 with intervention that focuses on preventative large-scale initiatives.

Average days lost per employee for presenteeism (for all health reasons) rose to 31.6 days in 2018.  Total days lost is often underestimated because employees may be unwilling to disclose the true reasons for their absence.

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