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Wellbeing - why

Covid-19 has brought us what is likely to be the most disruptive period in our lifetime. The impact on our wellbeing is huge and just being positive is not enough for any of us right now.
A friend shared this meme with me because they see me as the ‘positive one’ because I am often talking about the positive impact of coaching, but coaching is so much more than positivity.
Along with the sense of achievement, clarity, goal setting, positive change, meaningful direction, solutions, acknowledgement and learning that I am sure many of you associate with coaching there is wellbeing.
Every coaching client I work with reports a noticeable increase in wellbeing, and by wellbeing, I mean feeling good and functioning well.   
Clients often seem to need a solid reason or trigger to invest in a coach; redundancy, challenging situations, divorce, professional dynamics, public speaking, new business venture, career progression to name just a few. I have not had any clients come to me reporting they would like to feel good and function well but fundamentally, this is always a byproduct of my coaching, whatever the reason for arriving to work with me.
The coaching required to arrive at this level of wellbeing takes uninterrupted attention, effort and at times challenge. It often requires vulnerability, authenticity and a lot of self-reflection leading to greater levels of self-awareness. 
Whether working with individuals or organisations my fundamentals do not change - I only work one to one with clients because none of the above will happen in a training room full of other people.  
One to one coaching focused on getting people to show up for their work life and personal life with passion, enthusiasm, and excitement.  And if that happens you can be sure of a more balanced home life and a productive work life resulting in greater performance and satisfaction.
I would love to see more individuals and organisations investing in coaching for no other reason than their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of the teams they lead. 
In our new Covid-19 climate and uncertain economic impact, this seems like a more important time than ever to focus on wellbeing and coaching is a great way to do just that.

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